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Worthy of Celebration

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

ART LLC, is all about creating realities, and making positive change in the world. In a way so was Dr. King. We are proud to share our thoughts, based on MLK 's last sermon subject of, "Remaining awake thru a great Revolution".

We believe in Dr. King's positive effects in all communities of the world. We believe, no matter your race you will and have benefited from the peace and love his legacy has left behind. In the spirit of remaining awake, here at ART, we look to dreams, day dreams & our imagination to lead us into the future & figure of thing's that don't yet exist. Our mind is our most powerful gift. Paying attention, but never conforming to the world, cultivation positive energy, proper nutrition & peace gives us the freedom to dream limitlessly. All goals for the ART staff. "We must see this believe this & live by it, if we are to remain awake through a great revolution", says Dr. King. We all are familiar with his great dream, that birthed many leaders, believers & advocates of all walks of life amongst the world because of his goal of purposeful peace &moralistic action.

Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

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