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Asynchronous learning is a general term used to describe forms of education, instruction, and learning that do not occur in the same place or at the same time. It uses resources that facilitate information sharing outside the constraints of time and place among a network of people.

Since 2007, we’ve been lying awake patiently awaiting for a digital reality that would allow us to make history. This foundation has already been put in place & now is the time to make it accessible to the world. We want to make your reality affordable only because it is worth your blood, sweat, & tears.

Asynchronous Reality Telecomme Founders have over 50 years combined in Customer Service experience as well as Project Management & Development. Of course never in a field of choice, until now. Creating your own path, is what brought A.R.T. into Fruition & will also help us, Help you Succeed! We believe in building businesses & communities. Along with personal & financial education, which equals growth! We recognize, education is key, that's why we know our hands on approach will only lead you to success!

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